Magician Walks Off Stage During the Royal Variety Performance

Magician Tom Smelt 38, has walked off stage at The Royal Variety Performance before his act was complete. He`d asked for a member of the audience to volunteer for his trick, on the condition they had body odour.

Smell You Later!
Smell You Later!
reginaemellis / Pixabay

A man with body odour volunteered and Mr. Smelt vowed to make the smell disappear.

Fish Tank
The audience yelled “how are you going to do that!” – “watch” replied the magician, and he shoved the volunteer into a fish tank full of water and scrubbed his armpits with a magic wand.

Arm Pits
hen he dragged the volunteer across the stage and asked for another volunteer to smell the armpits of the man to prove he’d made the smell disappear – but nobody volunteered.

“Why doesn’t anybody want to smell the volunteer?” he asked the audience.

The audience yelled “because he might have body odour!”.


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