Man Disappointed by £50 Birthday Cheque from his Mum.

Office manager,Nick Coldnobber, was saddened to receive the paltry sum of £50 off his mum for his birthday this year, as he was expecting much more.

Not quite the same as £200K
Not quite the same as £200K
Image Courtesy of Tina Franklin Under the CC BY2.0 License

I have received a £50 cheque on my Birthday from my mum for many years and have always been really grateful to get it,” Mr Coldnobber told the Druid’s Loom. “It’s always been really handy and I use it to buy a Blu-Ray or just spend it on something I fancy. Her pension is only small and she doesn’t have much to give,” he added.

This year however, Mr Coldnobber was rather disappointed with the cheque.

Mortgage Free
There has been much talk of David Cameron’s mum giving him £200,000. It makes my £50 seem a little pathetic and perhaps I should be expecting more off my mum. I mean that kind of money could really sort me out for the rest of my life. I would be mortgage free, and could perhaps work part-time instead of being stuck in a shit job that I hate! Mr Cameron doesn’t even need £200,000!” he complained.

Burst Into Tears
We spoke to Judy Coldnobber, Nick’s mum and she just burst into tears. “After all my expenses I only about about £40 to live on each week. I put a little aside so I can give all my children a little gift for their birthdays – sometimes I can’t even afford to put the heating on.


Private Matter
The Druid’s Loom approached  Mr Cameron’s personal secretary and asked her for further details about the gift. “It’s a private matter; now fuck off,” she explained.

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