Man Doesn’t Care About Gravitational Waves

Liam Zwartwin was today completely unimpressed by the discovery of the gravitational waves that prove Einstein right after 100 years.

Gravitational Waves - Who Cares?
Gravitational Waves – Who Cares?
janeb13 / Pixabay – CC0

After just over 100 years, Einstein’s prediction of gravitational waves has finally been proven by the LIGO collaboration. This group of 1000 scientists worldwide, discovered these ripples in the fabric of spacetime which confirm a big part of Einsteins theory of general relativity.

Despite the staggering cost of the research and the huge technical achievement by all involved, Liam Zwartwin from Gloucester couldn’t give a shit.

When we approached him for comment, Mr Zwartwin told The Druid’s Loom, “Get out of my ******g face”.

Our science editor explained that, the way that we understand the Universe will fundamentally change from this point, and this work will lead to new branches of further cosmological studies and theories.

Mr Zwartwin, remained resolute and explained, “Did you not here me the first time? Get out of my face or I’ll cut you up”, before flipping us the finger and crossing the road.


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Fake, but who cares
February 15, 2016 23:58

I personally felt so indifferent about the whole thing that I just had to comment. Despite my almost complete indifference, I can of course understand someone not giving a shit, but why do they have to be so angry about it? Especially to the point of threatening violence? Whenever I read of someone threatening to cut someone up it makes me want to cut up the person who threatened to cut someone up, but then that makes me want to cut myself up and there are only so many times you can do that. I don’t really care, but if… Read more »