Man Who Stashes Money Offshore Calls Other Countries Corrupt

A man who stashes piles of cash in an off shore account in Panama, to avoid paying tax, yesterday accused other nations of being 'fantastically corrupt.'

"Corrupt? - Not Me"
“Corrupt? – No, it’s called privilege”
Image Courtesy of Ben Fisher/GAVI Alliance Under the CC BY2.0 License

Voters were today surprised to learn that David Cameron, was complaining that the leaders of certain countries were corrupt, whilst he was speaking with the Queen on Tuesday.

Her Majesty
Mr Cameron whined to Her Majesty about how some countries, such as Nigeria and Afghanistan were ‘fantastically corrupt.”

This news comes after he admitted, just a few weeks ago, that he has avoided some tax payments as he stashed sums of his money in specialist tax avoidance accounts.

Spokesman for the Nigerian Government,  Adewale Broomkettle told the Druid’s Loom, “We think that these comments are a little unfair, seeing as most tax havens in the world are under British control. Also, this guy presides over a bunch of MP’s who appear to claim unlimited expenses for all sorts of bollocks and keep giving themselves pay rises. All this at a time when more and more British people are living in poverty. Perhaps Mr Cameron should get his own house in order before criticising us.

Pig’s Head
I can also confirm that our leader has never placed his penis inside a severed pig’s head,” he continued inevitably.

Crumpton Curlyarse, a spokesman from Downing Street explained, “Mr Cameron, is a privileged member of the aristocracy. He has a RIGHT to be corrupt. Those people from these hot and dusty countries DO NOT.

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James Bertrice
May 12, 2016 10:07

This is unfair on Mr Cameron. He is hour Prime Minister and he was voted in square and fare. We should all stand behind him at this difficult time as he knows what is right.

Robbing Crapenter
May 14, 2016 07:26
Reply to  James Bertrice

Yes we certainly should. It’s our place to defend him, after all what else are serfs for, apart from dying when he wants us to. He’s above the law but he can impose any laws he feels like imposing on the rest of us. He can also change his mind about the laws at the last minute. He has every right to disembowel foxes too, if he likes and three quarters of the country are just being nasty trying to stop him. I can see no reason why he has to answer questions at PMQ either, and if he does… Read more »