May Purchases New Fridge for No. 10

Theresa May, has ordered a brand new fridge for 10 Downing Street, after being horrified by the contents of the existing one.

Cameron's Fridge, Yesterday
Cameron’s Fridge, Yesterday
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Theresa May ordered a new fridge freezer from John Lewis yesterday, using their online website.

Hotpoint RFAA52P
The Hotpoint RFAA52P Freestanding Fridge Freezer, is a replacement for David Cameron’s, ageing Zanussi – which Mrs May has asked to be removed due to health and safety concerns.

Free Delivery
The new model boasts such features such as an A+ energy rating, 150L storage capacity, a fast freeze feature and a high temperature alarm. The model also attracted free delivery to all mainland UK addresses.

Perpetual Buzzing
Unfortunately, the existing Downing Street fridge was on its last legs,” Downing Street spokeswoman, Sarah Strumpwobble told the Druid’s loom. “It was making a perpetual buzzing noise and the interior light was intermittent,” she added.

As well as the technical problems with the old fridge there were also a range of health and safety concerns.

Product Leakage
It was obvious the fridge had not been cleaned out for some time,” Mrs Strumpwobble continued. “There was product leakage stains on the surface, rusty shelving units, and a range of foodstuffs well past their sell-by-date.

There was also a fucking pig’s head in the freezer compartment.


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