Meddling Old Women are Narcissists – Study Finds

Elderly women who can not keep their noses out of other people's business, are narcissistic a study finds.

Let them Eat Cake - Cream Cake
Joan Bakewell – Make them Eat Cake – Cream Cake

The study completed in about five minutes this afternoon went on to point out that 82 year old meddling biddies, really should think twice before perpetuating dangerous stereotypes about cruel and debilitating illnesses . Stereotypes that if not treated can end up being fatal.

Complete Misunderstanding

To call, for example, an anorexic an attention seeker, is pretty much the same calling someone in a wheelchair lazy.  Far more accurate, and far less offensive to call Joan Bakewell a “nosey old cow with a complete misunderstanding of mental health and eating disorders.”

Acute Depression

When approached, Mrs Bakewell was unable to comment, as she was shaking a person with acute depression, telling them to snap out of it and to get a grip. Later this afternoon she had an appointment at the local HIV clinic to tell patients that it was probably their fault anyway.

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Clare B, Essex

Eat a pie or two and you wouldn’t be as skinny. You skinny folk are as bad as the fattys. Look in the mirror and smell the coffee (though if you did you would probably be sick in the toilet or something)


You tell those skinny people!

B Good

Why do meddling old women always use stereotypes? When it comes to generalising, they’re all the bloody same!