Men Find Out What Slimeballs Are

Women have known about slimeballs who try to chat them up by walking up to them and saying things like "Let me feel your t*ts" for thousands of years. Men have just found out after a man joined a dating site pretending to be a woman.

A slimeball; yesterday
A slimeball; yesterday
PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

The man was sent hundreds of messages from male profiles enticing him to reply by insulting him. Somehow he resisted.

Female Hormones

The man said that before setting up a female profile, he had believed that women had only been complaining about harassment because they have periods and hormones.

Women Like Complaining

The man had believed that women complain about harassment because they like complaining. He had had no idea that they were just saying what happens because men rarely get harassed like this by women.

The Slimeball Mystery

No one has yet figured out why slimeballs think they’ll be able to successfully charm women by offending them.

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