Most People Don’t Want to Be in Same Room as Katie Hopkins

After Bob Geldof expressed his wish not to in the same room as Katie Hopkins, most people pointed out that if they were put in a similar position, they would also ask for her to be removed.

Most Men's Worst Nightmare
Humanity’s Worst Nightmare
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Katie Hopkins yesterday reacted with fury yesterday, when Bob Geldof refused to be in the same room as her, during a debate about the EU. However most people reacted with sympathy for the man who received an honorary knighthood for his humanitarian work.

That arrogant, attention seeking, bitch makes a living out of the misery of others,” explained William Wanderbunk, a University Lecturer from Kent. “She is a racist, intolerant harridan and I’d rather iron my own testicles than spend five minutes with her.

Hopkins, who has a reputation for being a total bully to anyone who doesn’t agree with her myopic viewpoint, is, for some unfathomable reason, famous.

This ‘woman’ doesn’t like overweight people, people with different names, desperate migrants, doctors, teachers or any public sector worker. She is disparaging to Muslims, single mothers , the disabled and unemployed,” Judith Funkle, a single mother from Stevenage told us.

Whenever I see her trending on twitter I hope something horrible has happened to her. I don’t mind saying that either, as she once said that she would like to see the bodies of dead migrant children floating in the mediterranean,” she continued.

Saggy Face
To be honest I am not surprised Mr Geldof didn’t wish to be near her.” Mr Wanderbunk interjected. “Didn’t she once post some particularly nasty tweets after the inquest into the death of his daughter? She’s just lucky he didn’t smash her saggy face in.



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June 7, 2016 09:37

Why couldn’t you deal with Katie yesterday Bob? I heard you don’t like Monday’s.