My Manhood Bends The Wrong Way

A reader is concerned about the downward curve on his love truncheon.

That's Gotta Hurt - A Bent Phallus, Yesterday
That’s Gotta Hurt – A Bent Phallus, Yesterday

Dear Auntie Druid,

I’m a 26 yr old man and I am becoming increasing concerned about the curvature of my aroused member. It is basically bent like a hook and causes both me and my partner extreme discomfort during love making.

She tried to fellate me last week and I nearly extracted her wisdom teeth.

Please help.

Embarrassed, Bootle,


Dear Embarrassed,

       I would like to help you, I really would – but I haven’t stopped laughing since I read your email. Thank you for brightening up my day. You should probably go and see a doctor and show them the problem. Just be careful, you don’t get gouge their eyes out for something!


Auntie Druid


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