Nazis Sweep the Board at Oscars

Fresh turmoil hit the Oscars today after nominations for ‘Best Racist’ and ‘Best Supporting Racist’ were leaked to the press.

It's Good to Hate!
It Pays to Hate!
Image Courtesy of Prayitno Under the CC BY2.0 License

Critics have seized on the absence of non-fascists in the line-up, accusing the Academy of bias.


A spokesperson for the Academy told Druids Loom – ‘I know people are accusing us of bias, but the brutal truth is that non-racists just weren’t up to scratch this year.’

Best Scaremongering

Top of the nominations list is Charlotte Rampling for her moving portrayal of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the much anticipated biopic ‘Justin Welby – The Phantom Menace’. Jeremy Clarkson is up for Best Use of a Racist Song in ‘Old Farts and Coronets’, while Rupert Murdoch and Tommy Robinson slug it out for the Best Scaremongering award for their steamy and highly explicit performances in ‘I Did it With a Scape Goat’.

What do you think? Should we set fire to the Middle East and then tell people to stay put?


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Ray Vingmad
March 11, 2016 19:40

Yes I do