Nicky Morgan Unconvincingly Reassures Teachers

Nicky Morgan, yesterday tried to persuade teachers that she knew best and that testing children until they bleed is good for them.

Nicky Morgan
Uncomfortable Presenting, Uncomfortable Viewing

Looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a fast moving car, an apparently terrified Nicky Morgan filmed an agonisingly patronising video, that assumed that all teachers and educationalists are stupid and don’t know what they are talking about.


Staring for some reason, slightly above the camera; presumably reading an auto-cue prepared by one of advisors; Mrs Morgan barely cracked in emotion.


Accompanied with subtitles, for those people who muted the clip because they didn’t wish to hear her monotonous voice, Nicky explained that trained educationalists were wrong about the new national SAT tests, and that she was right.
She correctly pointed out, however, that teachers would not have to fill in hundreds of boxes in their assessments, it will be thousands.

Favourite Bit

Teacher, Martin Blockast told the Druid’s Loom, “It was a little bit embarrassing to watch, she appeared rather uncomfortable. My favourite bit was at the end when she tried to thank teachers for all their hard work. There was nothing; no feeling at all; like watching a robot. I don’t think she even knew what she was saying. It was just words from a script.”

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Teacher Hater, West Midlands
February 23, 2016 12:57

Teacher = Bone Idle. Say know more!

An actual teacher
February 23, 2016 20:01

Clearly your teachers were, you can’t bloody spell properly!