Nigel Farage Doesn’t Give a Shit About You

Frog-faced multimillionaire Nigel Farage, doesn't give a shit about anyone, except himself, it was revealed today, as he pockets a £73,000 a year pension from the EU.

A Giant Turd Basket - Yesterday
A Giant Turd Basket – Yesterday
Image Courtesy of Berchemboy under the CC BY 3.0 license

Massive-mouthed freak, Nigel Farage took the absolute piss yesterday when he refused to turn down the £73,000 annual EU pension, for working as an MEP occasionally.

Nigel Farage’s Big Fucking Mouth

Opening and closing his big fucking mouth, and looking a bit like Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars, Nigel, who has campaigned vigorously against the EU gravy train, decided to stay on it just a bit longer.

Stinking Fag

“£73,000 is a lot of money and being a millionaire I like a lot of money. Now many of you will get poorer because of Brexit, but I wont,” he guffawed, whilst holding a stinking fag, and a warm pint.


Nigel has attended meetings at the EU very infrequently, but still feels that British and European tax payers, should fund his fucking retirement.

If Brexit costs you more, it’s thanks to arseholes like me,” he continued. “If your food is more expensive, you can’t afford to go on holiday, your clothes cost more and if you lose your job – don ‘t worry. I’m alright and I don’t give a shit about you!

Punch in the Face

Before leaving Nigel pointed out that if we end up having to pay £50 billion to leave the EU, some of that will be used to pay him.

It’s hilarious that the British tax payer will be paying for my opulent lifestyle, and the really funny thing is YOU voted for it,” he smirked, whilst our photographer wrestled with our reporter, to stop him punching Nigel in the face.


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