Nottingham Poet Nails It

Police were shocked to discover a 31 year old man writing in pain yesterday, after having nailed his own ear to a tree.

An Ear, Yesterday
An Ear, Yesterday
bohed / Pixabay – CC0

A Nottingham poet had to be rescued by the fire brigade after nailing his own ear to a tree. Stan ‘za the word’ Smith 31 revealed to The Druid’s Loom the source of inspiration that had prompted him to do it –

“I was ambling freely through the forest one night when I heard the sound of wolves howling
From a carcass of eagle claws that spiked a coyote prowl in swooning pause –
Like an ice wind whistling plummet of fleeing deer streaking across the strewn summit and the jagged frontier –
Night owls in starved repertoire without an instrument to strum,
For a sincere symphony to sooth the lonely scars on the hearts of their beating drum.
I gazed up at the night sky –
Picked a star and wondered what it all meant,
And then as if to tell me it flickered like a signal –
Like a message sent.
A star so silent, so lonely lit,
And I would never touch it,”

But it touched Mr Smith with an epiphany .
He thought “I think it’s probably best to go and nail my ear to that tree over there”.


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