Norwegians Decline Offer to Live in Shithole

The people of Norway have declined 'President' Trump's offer to live in a shithole country that has an intolerant political agenda against fellow human beings.

Norway - Not a Shithole - Yesterday
Norway – Not a Shithole – Yesterday
Oberlehner / Pixabay

The Norwegian people today vociferously declined ‘President’ Trump’s offer to move to The United States of America, because their country is not an intolerant shithole run by a lunatic.

Not a Shithole

The president of an actual country said he would rather people from Norway come to live in the USA rather than those from countries that have brown people in – because he is a fucking racist.

Gun Related Homicide

Magnus Knut, a Norwegian, told the Druid’s Loom, “Donald Trump is having a fucking laugh. I live in a country that has 5 weeks holiday a year and forty-six weeks paid paternity leave. Why would I turn my back on all to move to a country where gun related homicide is 35,000 a year?


Norway has one of the highest life expectancies in the  developed world and the highest quality of life, whilst, the USA languishes around the bottom.

Universal Free Healthcare

Mr Knut continued, “I think that I will continue to enjoy my universal free health care, world-class education system and  free higher education, and Mr Trump can fuck right off.”

Oh and the only true shithole on the planet is the one in his face that does all the talking,” he added.

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