“Oh For F**ks Sake,” say Junior Doctors

Junior Doctors today reacted with dismay when they heard that the man who has ruined their lives, and the lives of their patients decided to have a go at running for Prime Minister

If I pretend they are not there it's all right
Lying Little Shit Bag
Image Courtesy of Howard Lake Under the CC BY2.0 License

A few short months ago, Jeremy Hunt managed to piss off the Junior Doctors big time. He now has his sights set on really fucking off the whole country.

Buggered Around
Mr Hunt has buggered around with the NHS so much it is barely recognisable,” explained Dr Dan Curemore, a Junior Doctor from Manchester.  “At the end of this dispute, he went on TV and said that this would be “his last big job in politics” – At least that gave us some hope.

Little Turd
It turns out that the little fucker was lying about that too! The little turd.” he added angrily.

After the mess of Brexit, Britain needs a strong government, to steer us through the rocky waters. At the moment the political line up looks like the cast of a particularly shit sitcom.

  • Jeremy Hunt – Smarmy bastard of the NHS
  • Michael Gove – Rubber faced, teacher-bashing bastard.
  • Stephen Crabb – Homophobe who thinks being gay can be cured.
  • Boris Johnson – A comedy character from children’s TV and national embarrassment.
  • Nigel Farage – Your friendly neighbourhood racist. And complete Obscured Due to Legal Advice

Great Big Hunt
Imagine if Mr Hunt were to become Prime Minister,” Dr Curemore continued. “Who wants a Premiere with a surname that rhymes with c**t!


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June 29, 2016 19:20

You missed out police-basher Theresa May