Olympics: Favela Dwellers Not Really Noticing “A New World”

The "New World" promised by the Rio 2016 slogan, has not yet reached the people of the Favela, despite the slums being situated just meters from the stadium, it was revealed yesterday.

New World, Still Pretty Shit in A Favela Yesterday
The New World – Still Pretty Shit in A Favela
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The people of the Rio favelas, spoke yesterday of their concern, that the “new world” promised by the Rio 2016 slogan, had not yet reached them.

This is despite their poverty stricken homes being just meters from the Olympic stadium that cost about £400million to build.

Don’t get me wrong,” favela resident, Paloma Poloma told the Druid’s Loom. “I am all for the peace and harmony that the Olympics seeks to promote. Indeed, one of the main objectives of the Olympics, stated by their own committee is to ‘bring people together from all countries and cultures’.   I was really excited that we would be able to meet other cultures and finally be allowed to fully integrate with Brazilian society.”

As the Olympic construction team bulldozed swathes of our homes, and displaced over 4120 families, I told myself – ‘Don’t worry, the New World, is coming soon’,” she added.

Street Trash
Paloma has been disheartened however, because in order to promote the ‘peace and harmony’ of the games, she had the shit kicked out of her by the authorities.

New World, pretty much the same as the old one.
New World, pretty much the same as the old one.

I was collecting water the other day, and these riot police just came along and beat me up with their batons. They explained that in order for the Olympic delegates feel the ‘peace and harmony’ of the Olympics, they needed street trash like me to fuck off,” she explained, through her broken teeth.

This is not really the new culture I wanted to experience,” she added, rubbing the huge bruise down the side of her face.

The Rio Olympics has cost an estimated £15.3 billion with the opening ceremony alone costing about £53 million.

The fireworks were pretty good,” explained Carlo Bruno, who lives in the favela closest to the stadium. “We had to watch them from the roof of our home, because we weren’t allowed in the immediate vicinity. However seeing all that money go up in smoke to entertain the rest of the world was great. It certainly cheered up my five-year old daughter who is suffering from malnutrition.

I had to explain what it looked like to my wife though, as she couldn’t really see. She had been ‘tear gassed’ by the authorities earlier for straying too close to the stadium,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian government is moaning about having to find £590 million to help combat the Zika virus, which is devastating so many poor people in the country.



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