Outrage at MailOnline Blackhead Extraction Videos

The Daily Mail readership begged and pleaded with the national newspaper today,  to stop publishing videos of people squeezing out their blackheads, on the MailOnline website.

Oh God - Make it Stop - Please!
Oh God – Make it Stop – Please!

Anyone who is a regular visitor with the MailOnline website, has pleaded with them to stop including the videos of people squeezing out huge, oozing blackheads.

Cottage Cheese
Gary Frundling told the Druid’s Loom, “I often get my daily fix of bile and hatred from the MailOnline website whilst I am eating my breakfast. Imagine my outrage when I was confronted with someone squeezing out, what looked like cottage cheese, from a cyst on their back. I nearly threw up my ‘Rice Krispies’!

Sad Face Picture
I was going to send in a picture of me with a sad face – but I figured it’s probably the sort of thing they would actually want. They would edit the story in such a way that I would probably never be able to show my face in public again,” he continued.

Public decency campaigner Sandra Numptyflump was also outraged.
This is almost a fetish isn’t it? MailOnline wouldn’t publish a video of two people urinating on each other, so why this? What is wrong with them?” she questioned.

Click Bait
Gerald Slimebucket, a spokesperson for MailOnline told the Druid’s Loom, “The reason for inclusion of such videos is simple. It’s ‘click bait’ and makes us loads of money. You wouldn’t believe the sick weirdos who share this shit all over their Facebook page. Each time they do – we make more cash.

Aidan Turner
We may preach about, morals and stuff, but just take a look at our ‘side-bar of shame’, its full of semi-clad women, adolescent girls looking ‘all grown up’ and Aidan Turner with his top off. It’s basically masturbation material for all!” he concluded.


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