Oxford English Dictionary to Redefine the Word “Best”

After an audience poll voted Mrs Brown's Boys, best British Sitcom of the 21st Century, the Oxford English Dictionary is considering redefining the word "best".

A Transvestite Exposing Himself - Hilarious
A Transvestite Exposing Himself Yesterday – Hilarious

Britain’s premiere lexicographers were left wondering if the meaning of the word ‘best’ had changed over the last few years, after the anarchic ‘comedy’, Mrs Brown’s Boys, was voted best British sitcom of the 21st century.

Rather Shit
Word’s naturally change their meaning over time,” explained chief dictionary writer, Alan Droopyscrote. “Take the word ‘awful’ for example. It once meant ‘full of awe’, now it means ‘rather shit’.”

“It is therefore entirely possible that the word ‘best’ has evolved to mean something completely different,” he concluded.

The Oxford English Dictionary naturally needs to keep up to date with the subtle changes in the English language. New definitions of the word ‘best’ that have been mooted by the OED include:


  1. Pandering to the lowest common denominator.
    “Katie Hopkins latest column in the daily mail was the best”
  2. Utter shit
    Michael Gove was the best education secretary ever
  3. Scraping the bottom of the barrel
    This years contestants on Strictly Come Dancing are the best

The only definition that the OED is not sure of is number 3.

Shitty Detritus
Even barrel scrapings have substance,” Mr Droopyscrote explained. “Mrs Brown’s Boys is more like what is underneath the barrel, after all the scrapings have been scraped.”

“You know, when you move a piece of wood that’s been sat in the garden for ages – basically woodlice, earwigs and other shitty detritus,“he clarified.

Asked if he’d ever watched an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys, Mr Droopyscrote replied, “Only once, and I decided I’d rather circumcise myself with a broken bottle. And I’ve already been circumcised.

Mrs Brown’s Boys returns to the BBC soon with a new series, where a man dressed as a woman, will swear a lot and show his pants.