Primark Manager Confused by NHS Crisis

A manager of a Watford branch of Primark has shared his confusion over the ongoing ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ within the NHS.

A Quality Clothing Outlet, Yesterday
A Quality Clothing Outlet, Yesterday
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Having achieved a City in Guilds in Business management in 2012 and working at the busy branch for over three years, Steven Porter stated that he ‘fails to see what the problem is’ regarding the lengthy waits, dangerous delays, lack of beds and a constant risk to life to  patients.

Crippling Levels of Misery
He explained that he,”would have fixed this before it started” in relation to managing the crippling levels of misery and pain caused by the Government’s management of the NHS.

Steven told The Druid’s Loom, “When we get busy I ask Marion to open up another till, it’s not hard.

Christmas Rush
With regards to the Christmas rush, Steven suggested to us that the Department of Health place some adverts for extra staff. “We know we are going to be busy over Christmas so we employ some more staff to make sure that we are covered. We pop some adverts up in September to make sure we have enough staff.  Jeremy Hunt should have put adverts up months ago.

“If I didn’t have enough staff I’d be sacked,” he added.

Exact Opposite
He also made reference to the lack of beds within the NHS, “In Watford we got very busy so we regional manager told me they would be opening up another store nearby to keep up with demand. It seems that the NHS however is closing departments and cutting beds across the country which is the exact opposite of what they should be doing.”

Steven said his staff are confused too.

It’s almost like they don’t want it to succeed,” moaned Irene Walmsley, Head of Display “When one of our magnetic machines that removes the security tags gets broken we replace it otherwise we don’t have one of those magnetic machines that removes the security tags, to remove the security tags.”

“We don’t close down the whole shop and send customers ten miles away to a Primark with only two members of staff and blame the customers,” she rambled.

Steven was optimistic regarding the future however.

I’ think what hospitals need is a refurb like they did at the Harrow Primark a couple of years ago. Perhaps they could add a slipper and nightwear section or a Maternity Ward that doesn’t put the lives of women and babies at risk on a consistent and permanent basis.

Local residents however had a different view when it came to the issue. James Dinklage from Carpenders park told us, “I wouldn’t be seen dead in Primark. There are too many people, it’s cramped, uncomfortable and smells funny. Staff are overworked, the queues are too long and frankly if I want any help I can pretty much forget it.

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