Rare Genetic Mutation Discovered in President Trump

Scientists have discovered that Donald Trump, carries a mutated gene that leaves him unable to determine sizes or quantities of anything.

"My cock is this big"
“My cock is this big”
Image Courtesy of Evan Guest under the CCBY2.0 License.

Scientists discovered today that Donald Trump suffers from a rare genetic condition known as ‘Bullshitism’.

It had been thought that President Trump’s over exaggeration of sizes and quantities, about his own achievements  was  a result of gross narcissism and sociopathic tendencies.

‘Bullshitism’ affects a specific section of the human genome and renders the sufferer unable to determine sizes or quantities.

1.5 Million
We were all shouting at the screen, when President Trump said the crowd in front of him looked like 1.5 million rather than the 250 thousand it actually was. I mean there were fucking photographs, and evidence of ticket sales from the public transit system,” explained genetic scientist Dr. Gary Greyglump.

It seems however we were wrong to judge Mr Trump on this blatant fabrication. This is a very real genetic condition that makes the lives of a sufferer a misery. Imagine going through life believing your net worth is $10billion, when you have actually been declared bankrupt numerous times.” he added.

It is not the first time that President Trump has exaggerated clear facts by a factor of six.

He is famed for announcing that he is a “very smart guy,” when there is clear evidence that suggests he is an imbecile. Mr Trump also claims to have very big ‘hands’, when anyone with eyes, can see they are incredibly small.

The Druid’s Loom asked Dr  Greylump how rare ‘Bullshitism’ actually is.

It is exceptionally rare,” Mr Greylump told us. “In fact we know of only two people in the world to suffer from this condition. President Trump, and his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer.

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