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Facebook has finally added more reactions, so you don't have to click 'like', when someone dies. But are the reactions enough. The Druid's Loom, examines some of the reactions they missed.

Facebook Reactions
Still Can’t Tell Someone to Piss Off
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We have all had, at some point, that Facebook dilemma when some gives some bad news via their Facebook wall and you wish to respond. Maybe their pet had died, or perhaps they have been diagnosed with a terminal disease.

You want to do something, but you don’t care enough to write a comment, or phone to see if they are okay.

Like Someone’s death

Up until now all we have been able to do is click the ‘like’ button. Is it inappropriate to like someone’s death or soul destroying bad news? Is it better to say nothing at all – or is that insensitive too? Perhaps Facebook isn’t the place to announce the suffering of a loved one anyway? Who knows? And to be honest, who cares?

Thankfully Facebook has addressed this first world problem, and introduced six new reactions.

Reactions 2
Our Reaction – Meh!

Annoying Twat

But what about that annoying twat who’s life seems so damn perfect compared to the misery you face on a daily basis? Where is this piss off and die reaction?

The Druid’s Loom has compiled a list reactions required to suit all users of the popular social media platform.

The Gloater Poster
Oh wonderful, you have just got an amazing promotion; oh and a new car and your daughter has just got a place at Oxford University. Reaction required – F%$K Off 
The Fake Scam Poster
So, if I am tapped 3 times at an ATM it means, a member of ISIS is going to kidnap me? Reaction required – Check Snopes you Idiot
Like if You Love Your Mum Poster
Arrggghhh – Now I have to like this, because if I don’t, it makes me look like a bastard. Reaction required – Stop Wasting Bandwidth on Meaningless Crap
The Vague Status Poster
Oh you have had a crappy day? Reaction Required – Give me more information or don’t post at all 
Give me Attention Poster
An extreme version of the above. Reaction Required – You need medical help 

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