Regional Newspaper in Stamp Collecting Shock!

Readers of an English regional newspaper have reacted with shock, fury, amazement, and xenophobia, following news that a local news reporter may or may not collect stamps.

Stamp Collecting Shenanigans
Stamp Collecting Shenanigans
SCAPIN / Pixabay

The editor of the Somerset Echo was forced to cancel his family holiday and fly back to Somerset after rumours of a stamp collection broke on social media.

Penny Black
A full emergency meeting of Somerset County Council and police constabulary has been called to see if the collection contains a Penny Black, although anonymous sources say this is highly unlikely.  

It is the most controversial news headline to hit Somerset in more than 200 years of shit reporting, eclipsing the great ‘I Have a Bellybutton That Looks a Bit Like Napoleon’ headline that broke in 1798. 

Guild of Hats
Members of the Royal Guild of Hats, who are based in the County, reacted with fury after the Stamp Collecting controversy denied them a front page scoop. The Echo had planned to run an exclusive on local hats. 

Druids Loom will keep you updated with any new developments. If you feel strongly about stamp collecting, hats, or immigrants, please feel free to vent your spleen below. Please note, posts from obvious psychopaths will not be published.   


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