Schindler’s lift

Trapped and alone with no signal or toilet paper, Paul Schindler shares his story of the worst 48 hours of his life.

48 hours in Schindler's lift.
48 hours in Schindler’s lift.
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A man has been found trapped in an abandoned building. He isn’t dead or injured but is in need of a bath and a clean pair of trollies.

Metal Detector
53 year old, Paul Schindler had entered the abandoned building whilst searching with his metal detector, when Paul discovered an open lift he decided to go in and take a look. What followed was far from expected.

Paul explains why he was in the building and tells us how he became trapped.

Carrier Bags
I go out every Friday with my metal detector, it’s a hobby of mine as well as collecting carrier bags. I heard there was an abandoned building on the outskirts of town so I decided to enter and check it out, I wish I hadn’t now.

I’d paced the whole of the ground floor but found only a few pennies and a pair of knickers, I then came across an open lift. I decided to have a look inside to see if anything had been dropped in there, as I stepped in there was a loud clunking sound then the doors slammed shut, I bloody shit myself. I tried to open the doors but I couldn’t budge them, they were shut tighter than a camels arse in a sandstorm,” he added.

With no way of escape, Paul knew he had to do whatever was necessary to survive.

I got my phone out to call for help but I couldn’t get a signal in the lift…typical. The first few hours were scary as i thought I was going to die in there. I used my knowledge from Bear Grylls shows to survive, I had to eat my own toe nails and ear wax which weren’t as bad as I thought it would be. I also had to drink my own pee because I had no other means of staying hydrated, it smelled and tasted like the water you get from a can of tuna, it was awful. The worst part was having to crap in a corner, I felt like a hamster in a cage, wallowing in my own poo pellets, and of course I had no toilet paper….thank god I had found them knickers.

Paul was discovered two days after becoming trapped by a man who claims he was in the building searching for Bigfoot. George Henderson thought he had finally found the mythical beast when he heard strange sounds coming from the lift, he was a bit gutted when he discovered it was just Paul.

I heard what sounded like a large animal in a struggle, it was coming from the lift. I managed to pull apart the doors and there, squatting in the corner was a man with his pants round his ankles. The smell that wafted out when I opened them doors was enough to make a dung beetle gag. It wasn’t Bigfoot, my heart sank, I had to help him though,” Paul explained

Mr Schindler is relieved to have been found and is thankful that Mr Henderson had shown up when he did. “It will be a long time before I go in a lift again that’s for sure. I’m going to keep the knickers I found as a memento, they got me through the hardest, most terrifying 48 hours of my life,” he told us.

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