Self-isolating Teenager

A Teenager - Self Isolating
A Teenager – Self Isolating – Yesterday

Dear Auntie Druid,

My teenage son is refusing to come out of his bedroom and self-isolate.

When I knock on his door he gets verbally abusive and tells me to just go away and leave him alone. He won’t mix with anyone and only leaves his room for a few seconds to get food. Should I call the police?

Thanks in advance,
Concerned, Essex



Dear Concerned Essex,
I appreciate your predicament. However, in the current climate I think grumpy, and surly teenagers are best placed to deal with the Corona Crisis,

As a group they naturally self-isolate and are able to amuse themselves for hours and hours. 
I know that in the past that parents would be concerned by the amount of time their teenage children spent on their mobile phones, games consoles and masturbating, but in this uncertain times, this is now something to be applauded.

My suggestion is why not join in? Except the masturbation part. Don't do that.

Lots of Love

Auntie Druid.


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