Should poor people be allowed to vote?

Should poor people vote? That’s the question on everyone’s lips. So we asked influential think tank ‘The Institute for Sensible Policies for a Sensible Britain’ to investigate.

Rich People are Better than Poor ones
Rich People are Better than Poor Ones
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The Institute is an independent research body set up by independently rich people to further their independent political and commercial interests.

Lord Nobb of Nobbington, head of policy research at the Institute, gave this illuminating report to The Druids Loom.

Poor People

‘Having conducted extensive research we have come to the conclusion that allowing poor people to vote is a waste of tax payer’s money. The poorer you are, the less tax you pay. And yet at general elections it is poor people who are asked to decide how our taxes should be spent. That’s not fair.

Half a Vote

We have concluded that a small charge should be levied in polling stations to deter low paid people from voting. In addition, the richer you are, the more votes you should get. For example, a person on minimum wage should receive only half a vote. This means they can ‘save to vote’ once every ten years.


People earning more than £1 million a year, such as Rupert Murdock or Jeremy Clarkson, should each receive one million votes. Only then will we have an electoral system that is fit for purpose. Huzzar!’

Have Your Say

What do you think? Should poor people be allowed to vote, or would it be cheaper to house them in special camps?  Why not write to Druids Loom to tell us why benefit cheats, Muslims, and Jeremy Corbyn are to blame? Answer using the comments below!

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Jacob Rees-Mogg
March 6, 2016 18:24

Money doesn’t buy you happiness.
Take me for example. I’m a miserable c*nt.