Slimy, Stinking Animal Throws Fish into Thames

Slimy, stinking animal, Nigel Farage,  was photographed today, throwing dead fish into the River Thames, in a publicity stunt that makes him look like an even bigger twat than he actually is.

All Slimy and Stinking of Fish - Nigel Farage,
All Slimy and Stinking of Fish – Nigel Farage,
Original Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Dead Fish

Concern was raised today, for what appeared to a slimy, fetid creature, chucking dead fish into the River Thames.  Former UKIP ‘leader’ Nigel Farage, seemed to have gone a bit mental as he rejoiced in throwing back into the water deceased fish, in an abhorrent waste of food and resources.

Bone Idle Fucker

“Nigel Farage is a bone idle fucker,” explained European Fisheries expert, Hans Haddockface. “He had 43 opportunities to attend the fisheries meetings during his tenure as an MEP and represent Great Britain. The lazy bastard only attended one!”

Borderline Racist

“Basically the only thing that this borderline racist has actually done with his life, is to stand outside a pub in a hunting jacket, with a pint of beer in one hand and a fag in the other,” he added.

There has also been concern from environmentalists regarding Mr Farage’s actions today.

Admiral Akbar

“Chucking away dead animal carcasses actually constitutes fly tipping,” Julie Woolie, Head of Environmental Stuff in London, told us. “I mean these fish could be used in animal feed or something useful. What a fucking waste!”

“The only reason I think Nigel has got his knickers in a twist about fish is because he looks a bit like Admiral Akbar from Star Wars,” she added.


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