Classified Advert Submissions


Classified Adverts Submissions


Have you got something really fucking crap to advertise. Maybe you have just made something up and you think it might make us laugh. If so submit your advert here, to be included on our classified adverts page.

Before you submit – Please follow these guidelines:

  • It needs to be funny.
  • Try to make up names where possible. If the advert is about a celebrity, avoid being libellous.
  • The advert needs an image and/or text. If you don’t want to create the image, just send us the text and we will do the rest.
  • If you do create the image it needs to be 330px by 400px max
  • Check our current page for an idea of the format.
  • The sillier the better!
  • Check your spellings and grammar please before sending.

Submit your spoof adverts to, or complete the submission form below.


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Please note, We reserve the right to refuse or alter your advert (including changing the image), if it is shit or it doesn’t follow the guidelines above.

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