Stop Being a Patronising Little Shit – People Tell Michael Gove

Michael Gove was today accused of being a patronising little toe-rag when he told the British public that they were being treated like children.

Patronising Little Turd
Patronising Little Turd
Image courtesy of Paul Clarke – CCBY2.0

Michael Gove made a lot of the British population feel like 5 year olds today, when he suggested that they would be scared of bogeymen, that had been ‘conjured up’ by the Remain campaign.

Furthermore he then suggested that voters were “like children who can be frightened into obedience“.

Rubber Faced Little Turd
I am an intelligent adult,” exclaimed pensioner Geraldine Humbertling, “I don’t need to be told how I am feeling by that rubber faced little turd. How dare he think he can patronise me in this way.”

Education Secretary
Teacher, Sam Dustermunt told the Druid’s Loom, “When he was Education Secretary he made us all feel like naughty school kids and drove down moral so it was rock bottom. At least everyone now knows how we felt.

To be honest, the biggest thing that is likely to make be vote ‘Remain’,” Mr Dustermunt continued, “is the thought of either Michael Gove or Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister. They really are bogeymen!

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