#StopBrexit Manifesto Beermats

The ever delightful owner of the Wetherspoons pubs, Tim Martin (who told Remainers to "put a sock in it" earlier this year), has decided to launch his own Brexit Manifesto on the back of a beermat...

Stop Brexit

It’s been a few weeks since goggle-eyed, glorified pub landlord Tim Martin decided to launch his range of pro brexit beermats.

Madeleina Kay AKA EUSupergirl is teaming up with EUFlagMafia to print and distribute our own #StopBrexit Beermats with an exclusive @albawhitewolf design! These beermats will be posted out to crowdfund backers and to local Remain groups to leave in pubs, bars and even Wetherspoons (along with your dirty old socks) if you dare to venture into the pro-Brexit dungeon!

However we are also publishing then here on our site, and feel free to print out, duplicate and display wherever you see fit – but preferably a Wetherspoons pub, next to a bloke whingeing about french food whilst desperately trying to chew some overcooked “steak”, that was probably sourced in the EU andprepared by EU migrants.

Click on the images below for a full resolution beer mat




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Rajesh Singh
November 22, 2017 12:26

Brexit will stop those EU bureaucrats in their ivory towers. It is time we took back control. The EU has done nothing but hurt the prosperity of millions of Brits. The EU single handedly caused the Greek economic crisis via the enforced adoption of the non-adjusted Euro. Besides, We need to get back control of our borders and laws again. President Trump will surely be more than willing to sign off a free trade agreement signaling a new dawn for British Prosperity. Juncker has leched enough of the British taxpayer’s money to fund his sick capitalist-corporatism regime. All the EU… Read more »