Term “Scaremongering” copyrighted by Brexit Campaign

Brexit campaigners have today copyrighted the term "scaremongering" so it can only be used to counter any logical argument put forward by the "Stronger In" brigade.

Scaremonger - A bit like a Fishmonger - but for scary stuff.
Scaremonger – A bit like a Fishmonger – but for scary stuff.
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The move came after many Government departments begun using the word as an argument ending tool and thus diluting its impact for the Brexit campaign.

Jeremy Hunt

The Department of Education recently explained that the teaching unions have been “scaremongering” over teacher shortages. Jeremy Hunt warned us that the BMA has been “scaremongering” over the junior doctor’s contracts.

Brilliant Word

Becky Mothclot, a representative for the “Better off Out” campaign told The Druid’s Loom “The over use of this word is beginning to have a negative effect on our efforts to persuade voters, that our tiny island will have a bigger impact on the world stage than a united Europe.”

Ms Mothclot continued, “Scaremongering is a brilliant word to use when faced with an argument that is impossible to win. Just try me… go on; give me a few sensible reasons to stay in Europe…”

The Druid’s Loom decided to take Ms Mothclot up on this challenge. The exchange was as follows:

DL:  A raft of recent financial reports has shown that food, travel and communications charges will increase if we leave Europe.
BM: Scaremongering.

DL: Large businesses are warning of massive job losses if we were to separate from the EU.
BM: Scaremongering

DL: It will me much more difficult to export goods, not only to Europe, but around the world.
BM: Scaremongering

DL: A ‘Brexit’ would make it more difficult for us to co-ordinate responses against global terror threats.
BM: Scaremongering.

Richard Littlejohn

Ms Mothclot concluded, “See, once I say ‘scaremongering’ you have no where to go. Plus it has the word scare in it. That makes you sound like a bit of a bastard; and me sound all nice for standing up to a bastard.”

Since the word has been copyrighted it has been used in the Daily Mail at least 18 times with reference to leaving Europe; 6 of those references appearing on one piece of shit written by Richard Littlejohn.

Use of the word “Scaremonger”,  and its derivatives, have been licensed to The Druid’s Loom, for the purpose of this article.
© Brexit 2016

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