That iconic finger is back on our TV screens!

Throughout the years, The Apprentice TV show has been accused of continuously failing to realistically reflect the businesses world. But you know what? Get over it! Authenticity got thrown out of the window a long time ago mate!

You’re no longer able to pull my head out of my arse so that’s it! You’re fired! And take your old Victorian anal apparatus with you as well!
You’re no longer able to pull my head out of my arse so that’s it! You’re fired! And take your old Victorian anal apparatus with you as well!
Dalmatica (Flickr)

Viewers should not expect to receive any expert knowledge on the areas of business strategies, figures and profit margins because The Apprentice is just another tacky formulaic reality game show ok! If anyone needs to gain any in-depth knowledge from a television program, I suggest they watch a documentary on BBC4 and definitely not The Apprentice!

The contestants, no sorry, the “candidates” look like a group of overly confident junior admin assistants on their induction week. With the ridiculous dramatic computerised orchestra background music which is played during the boardroom (obvious TV studio) scenes and the various glamorous borderline anorexic actresses who are playing the role of Lord Sugar’s secretary actually makes the show even more profoundly pretentious.

Morecambe and Wise
To have longevity within the “theatrical” reality game show genre, every single television producer out there knows that they must give the viewers some footage which shows people having their dignity taken away from them. Yeah that’s right! Watching people suffering on television is now classed as being entertaining! Bloody hell, Morecambe and Wise must be turning in their flipping graves! Watching Lord Sugar sitting on his throne while looking down at the candidates with absolute disdain and constantly looking up towards heaven while the candidates passionately proclaim to have some sort of business acumen is also part of the entertainment. And all the other reality game shows have the same exact strong smell of humiliation in the air as well.

Big Brother
Does the “Big Brother” show exist just so a bunch of amateur clinical psychologists can have an opportunity to monitor and study human behaviour? Erm no! Apparently by just watching various contestants behaving within an irrational way is entertaining. It is the same with “The X factor”. The public love laughing at talentless people with various special needs who are singing a unique out of tune rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I’ll always love you”. And do you think people watch Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen” just so they can learn how to cook a fresh risotto? Oh please! The sadistic viewers love watching Chef Ramsey verbally abuse the contestants with spectacular passion, confidence and aggression!

The Apprentice has been infecting naïve people’s brains for the past 11 years. Now if anyone actually believes that they are gaining useful knowledge while watching the show? Then that’s it, the world is doomed!


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