The Druid’s Loom – A Week in Numbers – Week 3

Who has applied for 51 call center jobs in the last 7 days? What was the issue with 12 Courgettes? Only the Druid has the answers!

HMRC - Fucking Frustrating
HMRC – Fucking Frustrating

What surprising events have been going on in the world this week? The Druid’s Loom, sums it up with the ever popular “Week in Numbers”

See if you can guess what the “fact” is before you click on the number to reveal the answer!

12 – The number of courgettes returned to supermarkets because they don’t vibrate.
4 – The number of gynecologists who got ginger pubes stuck at the back of their throat.
354 – The number of times the Daily Mail ran an article about the fucking iPhone 7
51 – The number of call center jobs applied for by David Cameron.
376,000 – The number of morons deciding to vote for Donald Trump
381 – The number of polymer fivers used as toilet paper in an emergency
42 –  The number of fucks not given about the fact that The Great British Bake Off it switching channels.
2 – The number of tea towels removed from a dog’s anus.
67 – The number of times, intelligent, well balanced humans, say “Oh for fucks sake”, when watching Donald Trump speak
2700 –  The number of calls to HMRC calls ending in suicide


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