The Druid’s Loom Hedgehog Hospital

Every year hundreds of hedgehogs are run over while crossing the road. Can you spare just £5 a month to help us buy much needed bicycle pumps?

Hedgehog Charities – Backed by Pricks
Hedgehog Charities – Backed by Pricks
Oldiefan / Pixabay

Better still, if you have ungrateful children who hardly ever visit you and who can’t even be bothered to send you a card at Christmas – why not cut them out of your will completely? Think how pissed off they will be when you leave everything to us!

By donating just £5 a month to the Druids Loom Hedgehog Hospital you get to sponsor your very own spiky critter. We will send you regular updates on its progress , cute photographs, a personal letter signed by the hog, and a free toy made by children in a Bangladesh sweatshop. 

Simply send your bank details and PayPal password to Druids Loom and we’ll do the rest.

Thank you!

          Hedgehog Charities –  Backed by Pricks   


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