The Return of the Prefab. Britain’s Journey Back to the 50’s Almost Complete.

With the prefab making a comeback, Senior Conservative ministers are celebrating the almost complete regression of British Society back to the 1950's.

A Little Box, All Made out of Ticky Tacky - Yesterday
A Little Box, All Made out of Ticky Tacky – Yesterday
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With child poverty on the rise, the ever widening gap between rich and poor, the reintroduction of grammar schools and now plans to cover swathes of the land in prefabricated soulless housing – Britain’s, journey back to the 1950’s is almost complete.

Boring Shit
It all started with Michael Gove“, Freya Fiddlefanny, a social commentator, told the Druid’s Loom.”He lamented how great education was in the ’50s. When 80% of children were consigned to the waste bin of the secondary modern school. He got rid of lessons on computers and stuff, and brought back, all the boring shit straight out of a text book.

Grubby Faces
With austerity, we’ve now got loads of poor, under-nourished children, with grubby faces and dirty knees. No one can afford a house, so they will all be put up in these prefabs – probably installed next to a coal tip, asbestos mine, or sewage works,” she added.

Fucking Big House
Conservative MP, Windermere Richmond-Smythe explained the reasoning behind the policy, from the inside his fucking big house on the Richmond-Smythe estate, “The 1950’s was a great period in British history. The poor were just left to fend for themselves, the middle classes paid for everything and the rich could have full and happy lives on the back of their suffering.

Then ‘human’ rights came along and suddenly people wanted their share of happiness – that’s when it all went wrong,” he complained.

New Yacht
By removing chunks of the human rights act and all levels of support for those on little or no income, and by taxing middle classes until they bleed, the Government is hoping to make happiness a preserve of the wealthy elite once again.

We are telling everyone it is to solve the housing crisis, but that’s just bollocks,” explained Rt Hon Richmond-Smythe. “I plan to buy up whole estates of these shitty prefabs using some of my loose change. I will then rent them to some peasants, initially at a low price, then rapidly increase the rent out of all proportion.

“I’ll have a new yacht in no time,” the cunt added.

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