Third Born Children to be Exempt from Human Rights

Third born, and subsequent children, are to become exempt from human rights under the Government's crackdown on the poor, young, disabled and vulnerable.

Essentially, not human - A third child, yesterday
Essentially, not human – A third child, yesterday
rubberduck1951 / Pixabay

Following the removal of tax credits for third born, or subsequent children, the British Government is continuing its attack on vulnerable ‘people’, with plans to make them exempt from the Human Rights Act.

Selfish and Irresponsible
“Being born into a family that already has two children is selfish and irresponsible,” Tory spokeswoman, Belinda Fucknut explained. “Subsequent children are a drain on the NHS, education and welfare system and they should pay the price.

Fucking Offensive
The Conservative Government has addressed the financial issues by showing these children that they are worth less than their older brothers and sisters. We now plan to take this one step further and remove all their basic human rights,” she continued, trembling with delight at her fucking offensive remarks.

Employment Camps
Under the new plans,  “The Superfluous” – as they are known at Westminster – will be denied school places and be unable to register with any medical services. If they turn eighteen they will not be eligible to vote or work and will be forced to undergo compulsory sterilisation. The Superfluous will be made to ‘live’ in specially designed ’employment camps’ where they will toil for 12 hours a day in order to obtain their basic nutrient rations.

“Since Brexit, all the foreigners who used to do the low paid manual jobs are leaving the country. The Superfluous will fill this gap in the labour market, and whats more will do the work for virtually nothing!” Mrs Fucknut continued.

“We will toss them a few cabbages and bits of bread at the end of the day, but that’s about it,” Mrs Fucknut went on to say, whilst appearing to be getting aroused at the thought.

If people don’t like our new ‘Two Child” policy, then fuck off to a more child tolerant country, like China or something,” she grinned.


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