Trapped Doctor Soldiers On

An Edinburgh doctor trapped herself inside her patient`s anus during a rigorous prostate examination.


Prostrate Postrate
Prostrate Postrate
deborabalves / Pixabay

Dr. Holly Winterbottom told The Druids Loom – ” I needed to inspect the patient’s prostate very closely so I decided to slide my head into his anus and check it out. Unfortunately I couldn’t remove myself once the diagnosis was complete”.

Suffocation Dilemma
The patient – a soldier with twelve years of service in the British Army was faced with a dilemma of how to remove the Doctor before she suffocated.

Militray Style Rescue
A military style rescue was carried out – the soldier got on his hands and knees like he’d done in training and slowly crawled out of the Doctor’s room, dragging the Doctor with him until he reached the waiting room.

Stuck in my ass
He then recruited two people there and yelled “attention! the Doctor is stuck in my ass! I want you to pull her out – and that’s an order!. You hold her left leg and you hold her right leg and pull alternatively – left right! left right! left right!”. 

Too Dark
The doctor was freed after much endeavour and the soldier asked the doctor what the verdict was on his prostate – the doctor replied she was unsure as it was too dark to see anything.

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