Trump Hardware launch new prejudice adhesive ‘No More Mexicans’.

President elect Donny Trump has today unveiled a new product that allows Americans to gel prejudice, racism, misogyny and bigotry into one hate-filled mass. No More Mexicans not only helps build super strength above sombrero height walls but solidifies bitter and left behind views.

Farage and Trump at fancy dress party.
Farage and Trump at fancy dress party.

We’ve had No More Nails, we’ve had Clinton’s No More Emails. Both were found to be ineffective in far right adherence Now we have the glue that makes intolerance stick; yes DT formulas are proud to present No More Mexicans.

Speaking live from Pussy Towers Locker Room. Trump said “If you want to build a wall so high and solid that compassion, goodwill and common decency will never be able to climb over or get through, then boy, have I got the product for you.”

“It has everything you need to keep those pesky gringos at bay.”

Asked by NY Times reporter Ted Cwuppacwoffee where the money came from to fund and research the project Trump responded “Look, I’m good people, this has been years in the making. We have had to take the best elements of slavery, the KKK, the NYPD, Love thy Neighbour, Miss World and Jim Davidson to make this dream come true and that don’t come cheap.”

Controversy ensued when Trump refused to talk to Denzil Washington Post reporter Jim Bowen-Bullseye.  “He’s always trying to follow the money,” said Trump “I have nothing to hide I’m a several times bankrupt billionaire and star of piss poor reality TV who doesn’t pay tax because I’m smart.

We don’t need schools or hospitals we need No More Mexicans, the only thing I’ll be giving Jim is his BFH, that’s his Bus Fare Home. Any more questions can be taken by my Trump Hardware supervisor and No More Europeans specialist Nigel Farage.”

Asked about his relationship with the President, Farage said “Look, a scouse person took my job, now there’s a novelty, so Donny very kindly asked me over to run his hardware shop which I humbly accepted, by the way for one month only you get a free roll of duct tape with No More Mexicans, with all the rapists gone we’ve got a shitload in the back.”

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