Moron Thinks a Cold Snap Negates Climate Change

Special Needs President, actually believes that if there is some cold weather somewhere it means there is no such thing as "global warming".

Trump Spouting Bullshit from Some Kind of Orifice, Yesterday.
Trump Spouting Bullshit from Some Kind of Orifice, Yesterday.
Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, yesterday misunderstood basic Keystage 2 science, and concluded that having a bit of snow means that the climate change does not exist.

Trump Card

He used this “evidence” as a trump card to try to prove that, in his words “global warming” does not exist. The words angered some Year 4 pupils who had been studying the effects of climate change as part of their “Wider World” project in their science curriculum.

Peer-Reviewed Empirical Evidence

The president is a bloody idiot,” explained 9-year-old Carrie Parsnip. “It is clear from the wealth of data obtained from peer-reviewed empirical evidence that climate change is happening to a degree.

What scientists are still working on, is the extent and the speed that this climate change will happen,” she added.

Bottom Set

Carrie’s teacher, Sharon Mudflap invited Mr Trump to attend one of her classes. “I think Mr Trump will be at home in my class,” she explained. “I differentiate the work effectively and there are a range of ability groups in my class. Mr Trump will probably have to start in the bottom group, but I’m sure he will enjoy it. There is loads of colouring in, cutting out, and only a small amount of data analysis for him to content with.

I also have a great classroom assistant who can take him out of the class for a clean up if he poos himself,” she added.




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