Trump Wins ‘Dumbest Answers in an Interview” Award.

President Donald Trump today gave the 'best answers' in an interview and won the award for the most batshit answers given in a interview.

Trump Gives Fucking Weird Answers at Interview
Trump Gives Fucking Weird Answers at Interview
Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore and modified under the CC BY-2.0 License.

President Donald Trump gave an interview so fucking insane yesterday that it won the ‘Dumbest Answers in an Interview Award’. A full transcript of the interview is shown below.

Trump on Dinner
Interviewer: “Mr. President, you will not be attending the annual correspondents association dinner, is that right?”

Trump: “Correct. Instead I will be ordering a take-away. That’s eleven million illegal immigrants to be taken away.”

Trump on Japan
Interviewer: “You’ve recently pledged to stand behind Japan in the wake of North Korea’s latest missile launch, is that correct?”

Trump: “Absolutely. I will stand firmly behind Japan as long as there is a wall to save my ass and the Japanese pay for it themselves.”

Trump on De Niro
Interviewer: “What did you think of Robert De Niro’s disparaging remarks about you – and I quote him – ‘he’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con’?”

Trump: “It was lousy poetry. ‘he’s a skunk, he’s a frog, in a wig, with an I.Q. of one’ is much better.”

Trump on Assassinations
Interviewer: “Wasn’t your remark about assassinating Hillary Clinton a little tasteless?, especially in a country with a history of political assassinations?”

Trump: “Possibly, but you have to agree that assassinating your political opponent is an effective winning strategy in a two horse race.”

Trump on Crack (clearly)
Interviewer: “President, why do you think the earth is round?”

Trump: “That’s easy – it’s the easiest shape to walk round. Could you imagine walking your dog over triangles and octagons – it’s God’s way.”

Trump On a one way flight to Looneyville
Interviewer: “Have there been any ‘teething’ problems since you moved into the white house?”

Trump: “Sure, my head chef called me on my mobile telling me he couldn’t open the microwave oven. I told him to try closing it instead. I didn’t mind helping him out – I’m paid to make big decisions.”

The interview ended after Donald got bored and wandered off to the White House TV lounge to watch ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’.

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