UK Doesn’t Want Special Relationship with Donald Trump

Donald Trump, said yesterday he probably wouldn't have a good relationship with David Cameron and the UK. The UK has decided that is perfectly okay with this.

No Mean's No
The word “Trump” in the UK is onomatopeic for a fart
Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore Under the CC BY-SA2.0 license

During a particularly infantile interview with Piers Morgan, on Good Morning Britain, Mr Trump showed lack of maturity by complaining about the British Prime Minister and the Mayor of London.

Wronged School Boy
Both these men have been critical of  Mr Trump’s more contentious policies, but Mr Trump took all this to heart like a petulant school boy.

“I will remember these comments,” he threatened menacingly.

As it stands through, it doesn’t really matter as the UK has unanimously decided that it doesn’t want a special relationship with Donald Trump.

It sounds kind of sleazy doesn’t it? Having a special relationship with someone who boasts about his penis size during an election campaign?” said Harrient Blogoby, a concerned British citizen. “He’s a bit like that creepy uncle, who gets lecherous at family gatherings, starts being a bit racist and then pats your arse, rather too frequently.

Also, when I was a child, I used to say, I’ve done a trump, meaning I had farted. I don’t want a special relationship with a man who has an onomatopoeic surname,” she added.

Idris Momentjocky, another worried voter told us, “If I had become friends with him when I was at school, my mum would have told me that he was the kind of person who would get me into trouble, and would have forbidden me from playing with him.”

All Sorts of Bother
“I’m with my mum on this one. As a country, I think he will be a bad influence, and lead us into all sorts of bother. He would probably get away with it too, leaving us to take the blame,” he continued.

Giant Nets
A spokesman for Donald Trump, Chevey Levey Bevey Jr III,  told the Druid’s Loom, “Mr Trump sure is really angry and upset by the comments. He never says nasty things about anyone, and can’t understand what he has done to upset President Cameron and the Mayor of Londonshire. If anyone in England says anything else horrid to Mr Trump, he is going to put giant nets in the sky to stop planes going to America. He will also make them pay for the nets!



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