Useless C**t to be Replaced by Useless Hunt

After the resignation of the rotund, pantomime politician, Boris Johnson, it emerged that this useless cunt is to replaced by an equally useless Hunt.

A Pair of “Hunts” – Yesterday – Images Courtesy of NHSC & Financial Times, Via Flickr, Under the CC – BY.20 License

Earlier this afternoon, national embarrassment, self-serving, over privileged, Heathrow runway vote dodging coward; and utter cunt; Boris Johnson resigned, much to the relief of much of the British population.

Theresa May, who has been using our World Cup success, and various mysterious poisonings in Amesbury, to conceal the fact her party is falling apart, was forced to decide on his replacement. In typical fashion she rewarded incompetence by choosing another utter Hunt – Jeremy Hunt.

A spokeswoman for Downing Street, Marion Moistgutter, told The Druid’s Loom, “The choice was simple, replace one cunt with another.

The first has brought the country to its knees while the latter has brought the NHS to its knees,” she added.

The only thing now is to find someone cuntish and useless enough to be given the position of  Health Secretary. I think Esther Mcvey is probably in the running for that one,“Ms Moistgutter concluded

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