‘Veteran’ allowed to have opinions.

Studies have found that in order someone to have slightly offensive or outrageous opinions, a person just needs to add the word 'veteran' to their job title.

Veteran Newsreader Can Say What He Bloody Likes
Veteran Newsreader Can Say What He Bloody Likes
Image Courtesy of WikiMedia Under the CC BY2.0 License.

Cool and popular actors, such as Bennedict Cumberbatch and Emma Thompson are not allowed to have opinions about world issues, says “veteran” newsreader, Michael Buerk.


Mr Buerk, made famous for reading stuff from an auto-cue, ranted and raved about how he is “sick and tired” of people using their fame to support global causes that they feel strongly about.

How dare they, how fucking dare they have views and opinions when they are not veterans!” the veteran newsreader exclaimed.


Meanwhile veteran moron Noel Edmonds said something pretty offensive about immigration.



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March 15, 2016 12:25

Leave Beurk alone! Have you actually listened to any of her albums?