Vile Attention Seekers Cash in on Celebrity Deaths

Groups of professional attention seekers and hate-mongers, masquerading as newspaper columnists, have today been criticised for using the trademark acerbic 'reporting', to cash in on celebrity deaths.

Spreading the Shit - Kelvin Mckenzie
Spreading the Shit – Kelvin Mckenzie
Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

The Druid’s Loom aims to poke fun at the news in a satirical way. But sometimes there is stuff out there that is just too much for us to deal with in a funny way and it’s something we feel strongly about. This is one of those areas – so sorry for the rant!

Unnecessary Tweet
A few months ago  Katie Hopkins was quick to criticise people for being upset about the death of Cilla Black. Today James Delingpole, posted an unnecessary tweet about his feelings for Prince’s music. In addition to that, Kelvin MacKenzie felt is was necessary to write the following in his Sun column:

Clearly very sad to die from an unspecified cancer at 62 and perhaps I’m alone out there but I never found Victoria Wood remotely funny.” – Yes, a fellow human being wrote this – how tragic!

Beggars Belief
One beggars belief what is going on in his mind, to even consider putting these thoughts to a page, not 48 hours after Victoria Wood’s death. But the wording? Why ‘unspecified cancer’? Who gives a fuck about what type of cancer it was? How intrusive do you need to be Kelvin? Why do you need to know this?

Lacking in Substance
Human beings are a varied bunch, that’s what makes us so interesting. Kelvin doesn’t find Victoria Wood funny – that in itself is fine. The Druid’s Loom finds Kelvin’s journalistic prowess, juvenile, lacking in substance and disjointed – we are, after all, entitled to our opinion. It’s the timing Kelvin – why now? Did you not consider her grieving family and friends? No – we don’t imagine you did.

The only reason these click-bait whores, post bile such as this, at these sensitive moments, is to get attention – to attract a flurry of retweets, likes or comments – to somehow make themselves feel superior. Katie, James, Kelvin – you are revolting.

*EDIT – Kelvin’s comments on this appear to have been removed from the Sun Website, but are still available as screenshots on twitter.

The Druid’s Loom doesn’t make a lot of money, we just cover our costs, but we will donate advertising revenue made from this article to Cancer Research.



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Marley Bone
April 22, 2016 17:58

We see why Kelvin Mackenzie never found Victoria Wood funny. Too subtle and well-observed for his likes. Right over his head.