We Remember When You Called Us an “Enemy Of Promise” – Teachers Tell Gove

Teachers tell Michael Gove, that they remember very, VERY clearly, his time as Education Secretary.

I Bet You Regret Being Such a Shit - Say Teachers
I Bet You Regret Being Such a Shit – Say Teachers

As Michael Gove hinted that he would leave Government, should Britain remain in the EU, teachers gently reminded him that he made their professional lives intolerable for about 5 years.

The Blob
He called us all sorts of names. Marxists, ‘enemies of promise’, and ‘the blob’,” explained Barry Patches, a maths teacher from Runcorn.

“He made change after change to the curriculum, followed by loads of u-turns. His legacy is an education system in total disarray. Now he has his sights set on screwing up the whole country,” he added.

Recruitment Crisis
Mr Gove’s track record in the education system is abysmal. Teachers are leaving in droves and the recruitment crisis, is slowly becoming a disaster. The academy trusts he encouraged are more concerned with empire building than quality education, and are increasingly failing Ofsted inspections.

Top of My Game
“Mr Gove drove me out of a profession I loved,” exclaimed Lucy Boardrubber, another exasperated teacher, from Leicester. “I was at the top of my game, outstanding lessons and excellent relationships with the students. But ill-conceived initiatives and mindless data analysis broke me. I quit the job at the end of last year.

Michael Gove has hinted however that he will leave Government if we were to remain in the EU.

I’m a little confused by this,” Mrs Boardrubber continued. “I thought Mr Gove was leading the leave campaign. Surely, a promise of that creepy little bastard leaving the  Government, will encourage more people to vote remain?

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