We Sympathise – Teachers Tell Mumsnet

Teachers sympathised with parents today after Nicky Morgan treated them like morons on the popular parenting site Mumsnet.

Mumsnet Monsters Morgan
Mumsnet Monsters Morgan
Image Courtesy of Policy Exchange under the CC BY 2.0 License

Parents reacted with anger today as Nicky Morgan spoke to them like idiots on the Mumsnet forum. She wrote a long patronising post to the proactive parent group,  basically telling them ‘not to worry their pretty little heads about it’.

Teachers were quick to sympathise with parents as this is the kind of shit they have been putting up with for ages.

In one breath she tells us how our job is the most important and rewarding in the world; and in the next they freeze our pay, and change the whole fucking curriculum.“said Cedric Clumpsky, a French Teacher from Hull.

Actually Cringed
Irate mum, Irene Bungleby told the Druid’s Loom, “She ended her post with the words ‘I believe that together, we can achieve that goal.’ I actually cringed. How clichéd and embarrassing can you get? Does she not have any advisers telling her what to say?

Irene went on to discuss Mrs Morgan’s comments about competing in a global economy. “I don’t want my child to complete in a global economy. The world is a shit-hole, and in my opinion they are better off out of it.

Globalisation of Our Workforce
Clarissa Grumblewold also voiced her concerns about the globalisation of our workforce. “My son has special needs and would be swallowed up by the corporate world. I just want a school that looks after him, appreciates that he is different, and gives him the basic grounding in how to get started in life. Is that too much to ask?

What do you think? Voice your views and opinions in the Druid’s Loom comments below.

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Ronnie, Hastings
March 22, 2016 14:32

If you don’t want to look after your kids then do t have kids. This moaning “mums” make me sick. Good on you Nicky Morgan for putting them in their places

March 22, 2016 21:20