Who will Speak for Swindon?

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Today The Druid’s Loom asks a question of profound significance to the destiny of this Wiltshire town, and the fate of its children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren etc.

Who will speak for Swindon?

This comes following the news that next year that parking charges are going to be introduced at some of Swindon’s best loved country parks and tourist attractions.

Backlash – Parking on Side Roads
Image Courtesy of Dickbauch Under the CC BY-SA3.0 License

For make no mistake. After the failure of negotiations between land owners and officials, parking charges are set to be added to Lydiard Park and Coate Water.How disappointing it is that the powers that be can not crack down on other parking offences, to keep our glorious country parks free for everyone to enjoy.

With a tsunami of tourists, who will no doubt look for cheaper or free parking options, such as side roads and verges can such tinkering be allowed?

Local election voters deserve better than this. They are crying out for an informed and lively debate on these crucial issues. Instead they are being forced into paying 60p per hour parking (£3 all day).

The depressing truth is, that only a handful of parking charge sceptics will find the courage to speak out against these atrocities. Why do the others not feel able to speak out? Is it that they fear for their careers, if so, this is contemptible. It’s also foolish.

For what is 60p per hour this year, will be 65p per hour next year. The floodgates will be opened more more and more parking charge increases.

Whatever the truth, the frankly pathetic level of the debate so far is a disgusting offence against the Swindon people.

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