Whole of North Korean Internet Less Bias than the Mail Online Website

All twenty eight of North Korea's websites are more politically balanced and more factually accurate that the Mail Online website, readers discovered yesterday.

Kim Jong Un being More Politically Balanced than Paul Dacre, yesterday
Kim Jong Un being More Politically Balanced than Paul Dacre, yesterday

As North Korea accidentally released its entire walled garden internet, to the global DNS servers, readers reacted with surprise that the material was more politically balanced than the Mail Online.

Converted Dustbin
True, there is a lot of stuff about how great Kim Jong Un is, and a few articles claiming a converted dustbin is a successful nuclear missile.  In terms of political balance, however,  it is streaks ahead of the Mail Online, “explained media commentator Francis Wilderbeast earlier today.

Sinister Bullies
“The Mail Online on the other hand, is now a fully fledged propaganda portal for Theresa May and increasingly more right wing ideology. On top of that, it is complete with sinister bullies like Jan Moir, ready to publicly destroy anyone who disagrees with Paul Dacre’s agenda.

The Druid’s loom was able to get exclusive permission to show the Mail Online to selected members of Korean Unified Networking Telecommunication System. (KUNTS)

Bias Output
We were shocked at the bias output of the Mail Online,” explained Phuking Ping, a KUNTS website designer. “I know, we can hardly talk, but at least our websites are 50% factually accurate. We also try to get our readership to rally round one single leader for a common purpose.

The Mail Online’s primary objective seems to be to divide and fragment the population. Then they get fuckers like Richard Littlejohn and Katie Hopkins to poke fun at the weak and vulnerable,” he added.

The Mail Online recently mocked North Korea for only having twenty eight websites.

Fucking Brad Pitt
It’s a case of quality verses quantity,” Mr Ping told us. “The Mail Online may be larger than than the entire North Korean internet, but at least we don’t have 200 articles about fucking Brad Pitt and fucking Angelina Jolie.




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