Women To Be Paid For Having Periods

It's time for equality in the UK, and women should now be paid for having their periods.

Women Cannot Work Whilst Wearing Tampons
Women Cannot Work Whilst Wearing Tampons
EME / Pixabay – CC0

With the introduction of period holidays and equal pay across the UK, women are to be paid for having periods because it would be sexist to pay them less for taking a few days off every month.

Period Practicalities

It is not practical to expect women to work whilst wearing tampons.

Gender Event

Against Excluding One Gender From An Event
There will be women-only events across the country on 1st April 2016 to protest about gender discriminatory stag night events from which women are excluded.


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A Mann
March 7, 2016 10:49

It’s only fair that men should get paid time-off to scratch their crotches while watching the footie. It may not sound like much, but all that crotch scratching soon adds up.

A Nother-Mann
March 17, 2016 18:52
Reply to  A Mann

And tax-free beer to watch the footie with because women are getting tax-free tampons. But we’ll all have to grow beards because razors are not a tax-free necessity.