Work Shy Junior Doctors – At it Again!

Stop moaning, stop whining and get on with the job that I am paying you to do. Katie Nutkins, fails to understand the plight of the junior doctors, and pretty much everything else, and provides her opinion from her own selfish point of view.

Junior Doctors Strike
Work Shy – Junior Doctors
niekverlaan / Pixabay – CC0

Call me heartless if you want, but do I care about the work-load of a junior doctor?

Quite simply, in one word, NO!

Awww bless, so you had to work a 60 hour week? My heart bleeds for you! Your patients will also be bleeding – to death – when you strike today(or take a day off, as prefer to call it). In my opinion you should “put up” or “shut up”. The people who pay your wages, are the people in need of your care. Maybe you should try being ill for once?


It really does fill me with despair when I see, so called educated professionals, marching through the streets and picketing the hospitals. It reminds me of scenes from the miners strike in the 80’s. Oh, and on the subject of the miners strike; that didn’t end so well for them; did it doctors?

It makes me glad I have private health care!

Mental ‘Illness’
It strikes me, that one of the solutions of the problem of the overstretched NHS, is that fact that everyone these days is diagnosed with mental illness. A few years ago, you would have a bad day, or a bad week. Now you are signed off with “stress related illness”. You don’t need medical advice, or counselling for this. I have some advice; it’s “Man Up!”, stop crying and just get on with life. In the First World War, soldiers fighting in the trenches didn’t complain of stress. Those who did, were shot at dawn for cowardice – bear that in mind when you reach for the prozac!

Tidal Wave
My second solution to reduce the burden on our hospitals (although why I am trying to make life easier for the junior doctors, I don’t know) is you ban all migrants from using the NHS hospitals. If they can pay, fair enough. If they can’t they know where to go.


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Duke Fredick Van Helsing
February 11, 2016 14:34

You are an ignorant idiot.