You Can’t Have your Gay Cake and Eat it!

The row rumbles on over the Christian bakers who refused to bake a cake that contained a message supporting gay marriage. Bigopinion offers his prejudiced viewpoint.

Gay Cake
Taste the Rainbow? – I’d Rather not! 
Image Courtesy of Keshet Under the CC BY-ND2.0 License

If I ran my own business that is exactly what I would expect it to be – MY business. I would also expect you, or anyone else to “mind their own business”, when it came to the running of MY business.

Gay Baker

Why then, do a heterosexual Christian couple have to be dragged through the courts because of “dis-crimi-nashun”, due to their refusal to bake a gay cake? You couldn’t make it up!

I would have thought gay people might have enjoyed baking cakes – why do they need to employ the services of a baker to do the work for them. I am also sure that there are plenty of gay bakers out there who would gladly help out these who didn’t want to skip around the kitchen brandishing their rolling pins!

Political correctness has quite literally gone mad if this couple, and their young daughter (who has heterosexual parents, rather than 2 dads), have to suffer at the hands of these whining sissies. Would you want to eat a gay cake anyway? Taste the Rainbow? – I’d rather not!

Transgender Pathway

It's just love
Is it though?
Public Domain Image

This rather reminds me of those “men”, staying at “Her Majesty’s Pleasure”, at HMP Isle of Wight. Nine prisoners fancy a sex change operation under a scheme known as the “Transgender Pathway”. Who is paying for this?  Well you are! – The taxpayer, to the tune of £100,000. Now who’s betting that these “men” won’t want a transfer to a women’s prison once they have “had the op”.

I have never understood why these “people” want moving to a women’s prison anyway. Surely for these types, soaping up with a load of sweaty men, and rubbing their naked bodies together, is heaven for them? A Transgender Pathway to heaven!

Man flesh

I have nothing against the gays, or transgender prisoners, but I really don’t want to imagine the things that go on, when they are locked in their cells at night; in the dark, as hands wander and caress, the man on man flesh. “Her Majesty’s Pleasure”?, “His Forbidden Pleasure” more like! You couldn’t make it up!

Meanwhile, because historic “child-abuse” is hilarious, Jimmy Saville is still dead.[jetpack-related-posts]

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I Love Britain
February 3, 2016 17:39

Hear Hear! Bigopinion for Prime Minister!

Jemmima Stupid
February 3, 2016 17:40

The Christians should be given a nighthood for what they have had to put up with at the hands of ISIS.

Gary Sausage
February 5, 2016 07:44
Brad Mannly
February 16, 2016 01:00

I’m 100% straight when it comes to sex, but I only eat gay cakes. Is this normal?